Gas Barbecue Grill Safety Concerns
Propane is a flammable gas stored under pressure. Leaking propane can cause a fire or explosion if the propane reaches an ignition source. Rapidly heated cylinders can also explode in a fire situation. Never take a propane tank inside any building or dwelling, even momentarily. Never store or use propane in any building, garage, or enclosed space. Propane vapors are heavier than air. The vapors will flow into low areas. If there is a gas leak or uncontrolled fire, evacuate the area. Call the fire department from a telephone remote from the leak, such as from a neighbor's house or from a cell phone. Always keep tanks standing upright. When using a propane grill: Place grill on a noncombustible surface only at grade level. Make sure that the grill is at least 10 feet from any combustible surfaces such as buildings, walls, deck railings, and vehicles. Make sure that the grill is at least 10 feet from any possible ignition sources such as air conditioners, lights, or cars. Do not allow anyone to smoke when working with a propane tank. Keep children and pets away from the grill. Keep the propane tank shut off when not in use. Store the propane tank in a shaded area. Heat from sunlight will cause the gas to expand and vent from the tank. Periodically check all connections to make sure that they are secure and that there are no leaks. When transporting a propane tank for refilling, do not leave it inside an enclosed car or trunk because the gas will vent automatically when it is heated or warmed. Keep all hoses and connections free from spilled food, grease, and dirt.

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