Prevent Dryer Fires
Clothes dryers are a leading cause of fires in homes, hotels, motels, and hospitals. Clean the filter screen after each load. This will keep the vent clear. When accumulated lint clogs the vent, the dryer can overheat and a fire could result. Stay home while the dryer is in use, or turn off the dryer before leaving the house. Twice a year you should clean the hose pipe that vents to the outside. Use a vacuum cleaner to suck out accumulated lint and dust. Vacuum the motor area. The dust and lint in the vent pipe can ignite if it gets hot enough. Vacuum the motor area if it's accessible, but you may have to remove a panel to get at it. Clean commercial dryers regularly. They get a lot of use and will have a common venting system. It is extremely important to have the vent systems cleaned regularly.

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