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Libraries across America put together a list of online resources to help families and caregivers answer their children’s questions about the coronavirus pandemic. We hope you find these materials helpful!

Books to explain the virus
Written for children to help inform them about the COVID-19 pandemic, the following books should be read by a parent, caregiver or teacher alongside a child or a small group of children. Several books include websites to find more information.

The Story of Oyster and Butterfly: The Coronavirus and Me 
by Ana M. Gomez
This picture book for young children can help them cope with their feelings about the virus.
English version
Spanish version

Piggy and Bunny and the Stay-at-Home Plan 
by Holly Sedgwick Belgum, MD
Two best friends find a way to play together when they have to stay home. 
(Pre-K to 2nd grade)
English version

My Hero is You: How Kids Can Fight COVID-19 
by the Inter-Agency Standing Committee Reference Group on Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in Emergency Settings (World Health Organization)
Sara and other children from around the world describe what they can do to keep themselves and others stay safe. Everyone can be a hero by following simple rules, such as social distancing and washing their hands. (All ages)
English version
Spanish version

Doctor Li and the Crown-
Wearing Virus 
by Francesca Cavallo
This book is about the doctor in China who first realized that people were becoming sick. 
(For ages 7 and up)
English version
Other languages

I Have a Question about Coronavirus 
by Arlen Grad Gaines and Meredith Englander Polsky
This is especially helpful to explain the coronavirus to children with special needs. Two versions of the same story, one simple and one with more detail, are presented in a Q & A format. Resources for parents and caregivers are included. 
(All ages)
English version

A Comic Book to explain safety measures to kids 
by NPR education reporter Cory Turner (also available in Chinese and Spanish)
(For ages 8 and up)
English version

Videos to explain the virus
There are many videos about the coronavirus online. Adults should preview them before deciding whether or not they are appropriate to show to their children.

Time to Come In, Bear: A Children’s Story About Social Distancing 
by Kim St. Lawrence, read by Ryan St. Lawrence (
This excellent picture book video explains to very young children how they can still have fun while staying home.

Eurac Research
Narrated by a child, this simple cartoon explains why it is important to wash hands.

ROBert explains the coronavirus to children
This movie uses PLAYMOBIL characters to tell kids what is happening, what we can do to ease the situation, and why it is important to avoid contact with other people.

Dr Panda and Toto
This optimistic cartoon from China explains a probable cause of COVID-19, it’s affects, and how the body’s immune system tries to fight off the evil virus family.

Germs Are Not for Sharing 
written by Elizabeth Verdick
illustrated by Marieka Heinlen
Although it does not refer to the coronavirus, this classic book explains in simple terms how not to spread germs (but you may want to modify the end about blowing a kiss.)

Ping-Pong Chain Reaction to explain the importance of social distancing 
by the Ohio Board of Health
This 30 second video demonstrates why social distancing works to flatten the curve.


How to Talk to Your Child about Coronavirus and COVID-19 
by St. Jude Hospital
Article from St. Jude Hospital containing discussion topics, advice, and resources to help parents and caregivers answer children’s questions about the virus. 
There are also links to a reproducible coloring book and activity book.
Article: Talking About Coronavirus

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Songs about Washing Hands

5 Hand Washing Songs Your Preschooler Will Love
Lyrics for songs sung to popular children’s tunes are included.

How to wash your hands NHS song
This short video demonstrates the way to thoroughly wash hands.

Washing Your Hands: The Purple Paint Demonstration
How to thoroughly wash all parts of your hands.

Technology and Career Learning Develop Technology Skills Watch these Tutorials to Advance Career and Technology Skills Spanish Version

Microsoft Digital Literacy Modules

Free E-Book Resources

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Abdo Digital- Free E-Books until June 2020

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