Community of Good

Portland is a unique community of good neighbors, friends, families, customers, and businesses. 

The Community of Good platform is a collection of positive, encouraging, and motivational stories and quotes from residents. Visit this page any time you need a mood boost to help you through your day! 

The first theme for the Community of Good initiative is Coffee Thoughts! See what Portland residents are motivated by, encouraged by, or thankful for while they enjoy their coffee below.

Community of Good

Portland Residents’ Coffee Thoughts

"It has been wonderful seeing a great number of families walking, riding their bikes and exploring our sweet town.. Also, a big shout out to HEB, Walmart and food establishments for being there working very hard with smiles on your faces...A big thank you to the Portland PD and FD for being a great presence..I Love my Portland."
- Leona W.

"I am thankful for technology because it allows me to see my friends faces from the safety of my home." - Sherry E.

"Humans are fundamentally good, there is no absolute right or wrong and nobody is perfect... - Shinto philosophy"
- Michael R. 

"I start the day listing what I’m grateful for." - Sue F.

"The last few times I’ve been to HEB in Portland, I’ve been super impressed with all the employees working so hard AND continuing to be so friendly. I’m thankful for our HEB!!!" - Randy R. 

"I love seeing all the families out in the sunshine together. Playing in the front yard, walking the dog, riding bikes, etc. It’s heartwarming!" - Debi L.

"I’m thankful for all my friends & clients & all the members of church here in Portland for taking the time to message, texts, send cards & flowers & sending any help they can! Thank you for showing that we are a family & we are together in this fight. I appreciate ya’ll! Again, thank you so much for always being there for us Portland members!!!"
- Agnes D. 

HEB has "gone above to help protect workers and citizens. No business is perfect, but they sure have been good for this community and for all of Texas." - Anne D. 

"I’m very proud of the Portland Lion’s Club for donating to the St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church Food Pantry."
- Sue F. 

"In my quiet time this morning, I was thinking about how important our speech is, what we say, how we say it, or even choosing when not to say something. We live in such a busy world, going so fast all the time seems like, always "producing", even "producing" words at the same rate. But how many times do we really slow down our brains and really think before we speak. Sooo important. Something I myself need to do better. :)" -Randy R.

"...I would like to commend HEB and Walmart (I am sure other stores deserve this praise, too) for regulating shoppers in their stores to keep us all safe.....and I want to thank all the employees showing up for us and wiping everything down constantly." - Anna S.