COVID-19 Case Counts in the Area

PORTLAND                             As of June 30
Reported cases 
being monitored
  July 2
Total to Date
Confirmed cases      10         187
Deaths       0           0
Recoveries       0          68
NUECES Reported
  July 2
Total to Date
Confirmed cases     262       3018
Deaths       0          9
Recoveries      36        367

Active Cases in Our Area

  • San Patricio County: 119 active cases
  • Portland has 25 active cases being monitored*
  • Nueces County: 2642 active cases 

*The Portland case load is complied from several sources. The information
  above is updated as the information becomes available. 

Testing for COVID-19 Available
Call the Texas Department of Human and Health Services (DHSH) for available testing centers near you by dialing 2-1-1.
You can also contact DHSH by email
For more information, please visit

San Patricio County resources

San Patricio County Department
of Health Call Center
(361) 201-0551

Clara Rieder with the Public Health
Emergency Preparedness Office

Dr. James Mobley with the Health
Authority of San Patricio County

State of Texas & National Guard’s Mobile Testing information

If you were tested at the Mobile Testing site by the State of Texas & National Guard in late June, the test results have not been reported to the San Patricio County Health Department, yet. 

The State of Texas & National Guard should call you directly with your test results. You can also check on your test results by visiting