Splash Pads



Splash 2Kids are loving the splash pads at Municipal Park and the Sports Complex. Here are a few things to know about them:  

·  Hours for the splash pads are 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily.  Open seasonally, spring break - October.  

·  Activator buttons: Press the button to begin spray. The splash pad features will spray in sequence. Press the button again to reactivate.   

·  Activator button locations: At Municipal Park there is a blue pedistal with the activator button.  At the Sports Complex there is a button in the center of the splash pad, in the middle of the drain.  

·  Be aware that there may be times that the chemical cycle and splash pad will be temporary inactive for 15-20 minutes as the system catches up. If a splash pad is not working, please call 361.777.4670. This is the fastest way for us to determine if there is an issue and to address it. (We love social media too, but if you want answers quickly, call us.)  

·  The splash pads are really popular, however, to keep them safe and fun for everyone, please place all trash and diapers in the trash cans provided. Discarded diapers in the play areas and parking lots can pose a risk to other children who play at the park.