Water Distribution

Water Supply

To ensure the health and welfare of the citizens of Portland, Public Works provides a safe supply of water and maintains the distribution system to the highest degree. This is accomplished by maintaining internal and external communications, continuing the education of our staff and being fiscally responsible. We are committed to providing excellent customer service through teamwork and dedication.


System operations personnel perform duties including adjustments and maintenance of two pumping stations; maintenance and repair of treated water reservoirs; maintenance of manholes, fire hydrants, valves, and easements; and the maintenance and repair of miles of water and wastewater lines.

The water distribution system pumps over 680 million gallons of water annually through miles of pipes. These pipes provide water services to 5,380 connections servicing 17,000 residents.

Meters & Hydrants Program

The department's meters and hydrants program has two functional areas of responsibility:

  • Meters are kept operational to accurately record water consumption for billing purposes.
  • Fire hydrants are maintained to serve as an emergency water source in the event of a fire.

In cases of brown or smelly tap water, check your cold water tap to make sure it is coming from the city's system. If confirmed that it is from the city's supply, and not coming from your hot water heater, call the department at (361) 777-4601. The City of Portland could be in the process of flushing fire hydrants in your area.

TCEQ Regulations

It is mandated by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) that every person who works in the treatment or distribution of public water be licensed. View more information about TCEQ regulations.