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Garbage Pickup Frequently Asked Questions
Each residence should have two 96 gallon carts – one for trash (all blue) and one for recycling (green top). Here are some frequently asked questions to assist in understanding our service.

How often is my trash and recycling be picked up?
The trash pickup is once per calendar week.  Recycling is picked up every other week.  Please check here for your recycle week and trash day.

I have a lot of trash.  Can I order an extra cart?

Yes, residents may obtain an extra cart for an additional monthly fee for a minimum of six months.  Please contact the Utility Billing Department at 361.777.4500 for additional information.

What are my trash days? Which week is my recycling?
The trash, recycling and bulk trash schedule is available by clicking here.

Are we allowed to put limbs in the trash?
Yes, residents may put limbs, grass, and other items in their trash can so long as the lid will still close. 

Do we need to do anything special to the recycling items?
All recycling should be placed in the blue cart with the green lid. The only special requirement is that plastic and metal containers should be rinsed out before being placed in the cart. We do not recycle glass.

What happens if my container is damaged or stolen?
If your container is damaged or stolen please call the Police Department at (361) 777-4444 to report the vandalism or theft.  Your cart(s) can be replaced after a police report is filed by calling Public Works at (361) 777-4601.

What if I am unable to push the carts around?
Republic Services can help you if you are unable to move your cart due to a bona fide health issue.  Please contact the Utility Billing Department (361) 777-4500 to help you make arrangements.

Is there anything we cannot put in the trash carts?
Paint, hazardous home chemicals, tires, or any amount of items that exceeds 50 lbs in total weight are NOT allowed in the trash carts.

Where do I need to place my carts?
Please place your carts curbside with their wheels touching the curb and their lids closed. On uncurbed streets, the wheels of such carts shall be placed on the edge of the pavement.  Carts should be at least four (4) feet apart from each other and away from any mailboxes, parked cars or other obstructions.  Please do not park next to carts if they are placed for servicing and have not been serviced.

What time do we have to put the carts out by?
To make sure that your carts are serviced, please be sure they are placed curbside no later than 8:00 AM on your regular pick up days.  Carts may not be placed out earlier than 5:00 PM the day prior to servicing and must be removed from street no later than 7:00 AM the day after servicing.

What happens if my cart is defective or broken?
If your cart has damaged wheels, lid, or has a crack/hole in the body that allows seepage, please contact Public Works at (361) 777-4601 to request a new cart. Asking for excessive cart replacements within one year and/or damage caused by negligence can result in a replacement fee.