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Construction Board of Adjustment & Appeals
The Construction Board of Adjustments and Appeals was created by Ordinance 1021 which adopted the 1997 Standard Building Code for the City of Portland. The City Council appoints nine members to make up the board, two of which serve as alternates. The terms of office are three year terms staggered so no more than 1/3 of the Board is appointed or replaced in any 12 month period. A simple majority of the Board constitutes a quorum, but not less than four affirmative votes are required in modifying a decision of the Building Official. The Board meets at the call of the Chairperson.

The Building Official acts as Secretary of the Board but is excused from acting as Secretary in a hearing of appeals of decisions made by the Building Official.

The Construction Board of Adjustments and Appeals was created to hear appeals of decisions and interpretations of the Building Official and to consider variances to the construction codes. This Board also serves as a building standards board which hears cases concerning unsafe or dangerous buildings or service systems.

For more information about the Construction Board of Adjustments and Appeals, contact Annette Hall, 361-777-4513.

 Board Members
 Term - 3 Years
 Benjamin Downs
 Term Expires 9/30/2021
 Tresa Sauthier
 Term Expires 9/30/2019
 Stephen Trout
 Term Expires 9/30/2020
 Diana Hamilton
 Term Expires 9/30/2019
 Henry Fey
 Term Expires 9/30/2019
 Rudy Barrera
 Term Expires 9/30/2020
 Anastasia Hinojosa
 Term Expires 9/30/2021
 Alternate Members
 Term - 2 Year
 Aaron Guevara
 Sage Nicol  9/30/2020