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About Our Drinking Water
Making Drinking Water
The City of Portland purchases its drinking water from the San Patricio Municipal Water District.

The process of making drinking water starts 23 miles to the west of Portland where the Water District has a pump station to take "raw" water from the Nueces River at the Calallen Pool. Lake Texana water is delivered through the Mary Rhodes Pipeline (CC) and the Gene Dressen Pipeline (SPMWD).

Muddy river water from the Nueces River and Lake Texana flows into the 38-acre Naismith Reservoir with a capacity of 192 million gallons. The process of settling dirt particles out of the water starts here. Water in the reservoir has an average depth of 16 feet. There is approximately a 16-day supply of raw water in storage in the reservoir. This amount represents approximately a 30-day supply in an emergency when water would be rationed for necessary uses.

Water Treatment
The Water District treatment complex is located on State Highway 361 between Gregory and Ingleside. There are three treatment plants, two reservoirs, storage and pumping facilities for delivery of product water to customers.

Substantial redundancy and configuration alternatives are necessary to maintain service reliability. Treated water is then pumped to Portland for distribution throughout our community. 

Annual Water Quality Report
For more information, view the 2017 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report.